About Me

As a highly driven software engineer/computer scientist, I have years of experience in applying computer science algorithms to various domains. Followings are a short list of my experience, and competencies:
  • High caliber developer: Experienced in design and development of web-based systems using various front-end frameworks including Angular, Vue.js, etc. Passionate to learn and eager to adopt most recent technologies.
  • Proven Fast Learner: Proven problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills with extensive experience in collaborative analysis, presentations (oral communication skills) and writing in professional environments.
  • MSc degree in Human-Computer Interaction: Proficient in a variety of user research methods including in-lab usability studies, controlled laboratory experiments, field studies, cultural probes, individual and group interviews, surveys, etc.
  • MSc degree in Machine Intelligence and Robotics: Solid knowledge of artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms and techniques

Recent Projects